Waste Management Policy

It is the Company’s policy that in executing all our activities, we shall be responsible and committed to
protect the environment and use material and energy efficiently to provide our services.

To satisfy our objective, the following strategies on waste management shall be applied:

  1. Reduce at Source Using and discarding less material generally, segregating waste and asking suppliers to take back packaging and re-usable containers.
  2. Re-use and Repair Passing on to others re-usable chemicals and equipment no longer required and repairing in preference to replacing equipment where appropriate.
  3. Recycle Seperating materials for recycling such as mixed waste paper, schedule waste, metal printer consumables and waste from electrical and electronic equipment.
  4. Responsibly Dispose Complying with the Environment Quality Act & Regulation 1974.

Wastes that cannot be eliminated shall be stored until suitable treatment or disposal route becomes available. Storage shall be provided so as to prevent health or safety hazards to personnel or thread to the environment.

The company is committed to continuous improvement of waste management practice and a reduction in the proportion of waste sent to landfill. We shall take every opportunity to minimise the avoidable waste and ensure that materials no longer required are managed according to industry best practice.

This policy last updated and approved on 01-11-2018