Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E) Policy

In line with the health, Safety & Environment Policy, the company will comply with all requirements under the Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994 and shall:

Our statement of general policy is:

  1. Provide PPE to employees, without cost to the employee.

  2. Carefully choose PPE to ensure it is a good fit for the person in question.

  3. Provide information, instruction and training to ensure appropriate use of the PPE supplied.

  4. Assess the need for PPE by considering the various hazard.

  5. Identify the correct PPE which will protect employees from the hazard identified.

  6. Replace PPE when required.

  7. Never allow exemptions from wearing PPE where it has been identified as required.

  8. All PPE purchased and provide must carry the CE / SIRIM mark to signify compliance with current legislation and standards as applicable.

This policy applies to all staff across the company and is relevant to all work activities whether working in-house or working with external organization.

This policy last updated and approved on 01-11-2018