Smoking Policy

The company recognizes that uncontrolled smoking of cigarettes is a fire hazard and also harmful to the smokers and non-smokers through passive smoking. It is the Company’s objective to prevent fire incidents, maintain good health for all individuals and  discourage smoking at work site and in office premises under the Company’s control.

To achieve the above objective, the Company’s policy is a follows: Smoking is ONLY ALLOWED in the following areas:
  1. Office Designated smoking area at ground floor.
  2. Workshop Designated smoking area next to workshop.
  3. Third Party Premises Designated smoking area at third party company.
  4. On Site Designated smoking area by the company / site supervisor.
  5. On Board Vessel Designated smoking area provided by the Master / Vessel.
  6. On Board Vessel at Third Party Location Designated smoking area provided by the Master / Vessel and when operating within the 500m restricted zone smoking is strictly prohibited in all locations on board the vessel.
  7. Vehicle Smoking is not permitted in company vehicle. The policy of no smoking will apply to the car park.

This policy applies to all staff across the company and is relevant to all work activities whether working in-house or working with external organization.

This policy last updated and approved on 01-11-2018