Drug and Alcohol Policy

The company’s Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy applies to all employee of the company.

The misuse of legitimate drugs, or the use, possession, distribution or sale of illicit or non-prescribed controlled drugs on board ships cannot be condoned and prohibited. In addition, any use of prescribed controlled drug, which causes or contributes to unacceptable job or unusual job behavior must be reported to a superior. The user must be  excused from duty until such time as he is repatriated or treated.


The misuse of legitimate drugs or the use, possession, distribution or sale of illicit or non-prescribed controlled drugs at premise by employee or other personnel visiting the ship is strictly prohibited. The company will not employ / engage any person who is a user of or has a recent record of the use of illegal drugs or have abused the use of prescribed drugs. Any employee found in the contravention of the company’s drug policy will be dealt with either by compulsory counselling, suspension of duties pending further investigations, dismissal or will be handed over to the appropriate authorities for prosecution.


The company enforces zero alcohol tolerance thus nil consumption of alcohol while on duty at Neptune Asia’s premises or on duty at client’s premises. The consumption and possession of alcohol during working hours is strictly prohibited. Any employee found to be violating the alcohol policy will be terminated.

All employees are subjected to random testing and screening for drugs and alchohol abuse during working hours by company.

This policy last updated and approved on 01-11-2018