Board of Directors

  • Mr. Tin Tiong Yiang (Group Chairman)
  • Mr. Yong Kok Foo (Group CEO & Founder)
  • Ms. Eunice Ting Mee Ling (Group Finance Director)
Mr. Tin Tiong Yiang (Group Chairman)

Ting Tiong Yiang

Group Chairman & Advisor / Patron

An iconic Marine Engineer within the Maritime Industry at East Malaysia. Comes in with his 50 years of experience and strong network within the Maritime Industry at Malaysia. The key personal for the business development and decision making within the organisation. Owned and managed Tugs & Barges with his company Highline Shipping Sdn Bhd. Active member and advisor for Sarawak and Sabah Ship Owner Association and Sarawak Business Community Group. Designed, Commissioned and Delivered many utility vessels for Fiji Government behalf of Neptune Asia Services Sdn. Bhd. Coordinates, Plans and Executes project for Platform Rejuvenation, Salvaging Vessel and Barges. Well versed and expert with the New Vessel Construction, repairing vessels & day-to-day operation of the vessels. Classification Society and Offshore & Marine Insurance Claims.